A Melbourne court has ordered President of Melbourne Temple to pay his victim $20,000.

Aniruddha, President of Melbourne Temple and advisor to the world Governing Board of ISKCON #  had stolen one of at least three automobiles donated by once-enthusiastic follower David K.

# International Society for Krishna Consciousness

The Melbourne Magistrates Court saw through this blatant attempt at theft.

Aniruddha (wife: Acintya Rupa) has chosen to prolong legal proceedings by appealing the decision

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48 Gurus (Sultans) of ISKON   (Source)

Abbotsford Convent landlord to evict unique community restaurant

OK, this isn’t the cause of Pentes, but….

Talk of hypocrisy…  the community turning against itself …

ABBOTSFORD  CONVENT  [wikipediaOfficialWebsite] was a beautiful multi-building precinct by the Yarra River.  The area was owned by Good Shepherd Sisters. Later, LaTrobe University (who used the area for nursing studies) sold out to developer Australand.  (Where would the Westernised world be without the one-track-mindedne$$ of ’em?? Maybe, we’d have LOCAL COMMUNITY and less corruptible policy makers !!)     

LENTILS (Lentil As Anything) is an exciting & unique concept in the pretty boring city of Melbourne,  southeastern Australia.


The 1990s saw HUGE community opposition to the Australand redevelopment plans.  History & Culture were at stake.  Beautiful buildings would be destroyed and some transformed – forever.  Even moneyed people joined the campaign.

By a miracle, Abbotsford Convent, including the breathtaking 4-storey Nuns’ building, was SAVED from the wrecker.

Now the Convent management has turned anti-community. LENTILS MUST GO!!  No reasons given.There was a doumentary The Naked Lentil. It was aired on SBS and raised some allegations AGAINST Lentils. For example, the fruit/veg supplier – Bruce – was owed $160,000. From our Sai Baba friends, we can report that Bruce is happy to supply the restaurant as he sees Lentils as PROMOTING VEGETARIANISM. In other words, this is mere whingeing by the Convent and its filmmaking friend.

aBBOTSFORD cONVENT.But was it a hatchet job??  It was made by a lady with links to the Convent management!!

LENTILS needs your support.