Aniruddha (Andrew Marsh) sacked as ISKON kingmaker



Guru Aniruddha Das

Aniruddha in middle


##    STARTLING   rumours
##             EMERGING   rumours  …

He is  ANIRUDDHA. He is Australia’s answer to dictators Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) and Mouammar Gaddafi (Libya).
If  rumours  are  true, he  has  been  given  the  boot!!  Viva la revolution !!

  • Unconfirmed reports have  the  Hare Krishna guru Aniruddha leaving town – ON HIS OWN CHARIOT !!
  • EL  PRESIDENTE  ANIRUDDHA   is TEMPLE President of Melbourne Hare Krishnas (ISKON hq)

See the PADA Website for a brief description of the man who (with wife Acintya Rupa) has allegedly overseen:

  • Temple mismanagement
  • Farm mismanagement (New Nandagram between Winchelsea and Lorne a wasted opportunity)
  • Refusal to acknowledge sexual assaults on Farm/School
  • Croneyism
  • Wastage of  food (carloads of prasadam, water, energy, flowers thrown out weekly)
  • No compost/solar/water tanks – dumpster emptied daily
  • Theft of cars for personal gain (See previous post “NEWS FLASH..”)
  • Ripping off Australian social security/migration  system


Dictators  rule !!


Windle Turley attorney of Dallas, Texas once brought a lawsuit  against  abuse in the boarding school system (gurukula)

$400 million lawsuit (a) $400 million lawsuit (b)

Hardly Krishna  (The Age newspaper)

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One Response to Aniruddha (Andrew Marsh) sacked as ISKON kingmaker

  1. david kerr says:

    aniruddha das has been ordered to repay money after three years of legal proceedings but he threatens to sue me if truth is made public. Far worse, is his protection and shelter he had given to a child sex offender (2005) which had been charged by police, arrestted, jailed and then bailed and taken back to temple into cummunity of devotees . the victims of this assult were set upon by aniruddha das in the from of attacking, belittling and rejecting them totally as trouble makers and crazy people then trying all attempts to have them banned and removed from temple and the community of devottees. luckily the karmy court system sentenced and removed this criminal from australia, aniruddha das needs to be impeached, a class action taken against him, as being totally irresponsible as a leader of a community or society, ps for some reason or another temple management is trying to claim i was the one that badly assultted this poor fellow and was charged by police, i cant believe management is still prepared to write these lies???

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