Aniruddha (Andrew Marsh) sacked as ISKON kingmaker



Guru Aniruddha Das

Aniruddha in middle


##    STARTLING   rumours
##             EMERGING   rumours  …

He is  ANIRUDDHA. He is Australia’s answer to dictators Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) and Mouammar Gaddafi (Libya).
If  rumours  are  true, he  has  been  given  the  boot!!  Viva la revolution !!

  • Unconfirmed reports have  the  Hare Krishna guru Aniruddha leaving town – ON HIS OWN CHARIOT !!
  • EL  PRESIDENTE  ANIRUDDHA   is TEMPLE President of Melbourne Hare Krishnas (ISKON hq)

See the PADA Website for a brief description of the man who (with wife Acintya Rupa) has allegedly overseen:

  • Temple mismanagement
  • Farm mismanagement (New Nandagram between Winchelsea and Lorne a wasted opportunity)
  • Refusal to acknowledge sexual assaults on Farm/School
  • Croneyism
  • Wastage of  food (carloads of prasadam, water, energy, flowers thrown out weekly)
  • No compost/solar/water tanks – dumpster emptied daily
  • Theft of cars for personal gain (See previous post “NEWS FLASH..”)
  • Ripping off Australian social security/migration  system


Dictators  rule !!


Windle Turley attorney of Dallas, Texas once brought a lawsuit  against  abuse in the boarding school system (gurukula)

$400 million lawsuit (a) $400 million lawsuit (b)

Hardly Krishna  (The Age newspaper)

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A Melbourne court has ordered President of Melbourne Temple to pay his victim $20,000.

Aniruddha, President of Melbourne Temple and advisor to the world Governing Board of ISKCON #  had stolen one of at least three automobiles donated by once-enthusiastic follower David K.

# International Society for Krishna Consciousness

The Melbourne Magistrates Court saw through this blatant attempt at theft.

Aniruddha (wife: Acintya Rupa) has chosen to prolong legal proceedings by appealing the decision

Aniruddha’s Tweets

48 Gurus (Sultans) of ISKON   (Source)

Abbotsford Convent landlord to evict unique community restaurant

OK, this isn’t the cause of Pentes, but….

Talk of hypocrisy…  the community turning against itself …

ABBOTSFORD  CONVENT  [wikipediaOfficialWebsite] was a beautiful multi-building precinct by the Yarra River.  The area was owned by Good Shepherd Sisters. Later, LaTrobe University (who used the area for nursing studies) sold out to developer Australand.  (Where would the Westernised world be without the one-track-mindedne$$ of ’em?? Maybe, we’d have LOCAL COMMUNITY and less corruptible policy makers !!)     

LENTILS (Lentil As Anything) is an exciting & unique concept in the pretty boring city of Melbourne,  southeastern Australia.


The 1990s saw HUGE community opposition to the Australand redevelopment plans.  History & Culture were at stake.  Beautiful buildings would be destroyed and some transformed – forever.  Even moneyed people joined the campaign.

By a miracle, Abbotsford Convent, including the breathtaking 4-storey Nuns’ building, was SAVED from the wrecker.

Now the Convent management has turned anti-community. LENTILS MUST GO!!  No reasons given.There was a doumentary The Naked Lentil. It was aired on SBS and raised some allegations AGAINST Lentils. For example, the fruit/veg supplier – Bruce – was owed $160,000. From our Sai Baba friends, we can report that Bruce is happy to supply the restaurant as he sees Lentils as PROMOTING VEGETARIANISM. In other words, this is mere whingeing by the Convent and its filmmaking friend.

aBBOTSFORD cONVENT.But was it a hatchet job??  It was made by a lady with links to the Convent management!!

LENTILS needs your support.

Top Australian Hare Krishna taken to Court for stealing

#######  It’s a  David and Goliath  battle, we’re told.  #######

Rumour is that David K, well-known Hare Krishna devotee, is about to serve Court documents on Melbourne Temple President ANIRUDDHA.

David, previously a lively, enthusiastic individual, is said to be crushed by his enduring experience of Temple mismanagement.

Court documents allege that long-time Temple President – and Deputy Member of the supreme ruling body – is a thief.

David K told insiders that he donated 3 cars to the Ashram/Temple.   Aniruddha (pronounced ani-ruda) took them for his own use and later sale.

Aniruddha (a spiritual name) was previously an Australian Anglican.  Married to Indian Acintya Rupa, he has been Temple President for over 28 years.   Aniruddha is a top advisor to the supreme Hare Krishna authority, the Governing Body Commission based in Mayapur, India.  (The Commissioner/Swamis/advisors are VERY frequent flyers, with Jayapataka Swami travelling  FIRST CLASS to bless his many disciples – due to his OBESITY!!)

Aniruddha and wife have travelled to India a little too frequently in recent years.  He (and his power) is closely protected by right-hand man Prahbu Das.

In Sanskrit (ancient Indian holy language), Aniruddha means “without control” and that appears to sum up the stranglehold/dictatorship he has on the Melbourne Temple and elsewhere. Because his is the dominant Australian Temple, Aniruddha is thought to know of other corrupt, wasteful and illegal practices of the Hare Krishnas in Australia and New Zealand, including the dubious ethics of Brisbane Hare ISKCON and the Food for Life programme (What exactly is FFL? A creation to raise money & avoid tax? Why no accountability?).

(Melbourne Temple was said to have been almost bankrupt 7 or 8 years ago.  It may still be as no accounts are published.  (It has been superficially rescued only by record Indian immigration into Melbourne.)

This is what the Anti-Defamation (of ISKCON founder) says of Aniruddha::

(Aniruddha, TP*)
This  enigmatic suction  pump has  both  hands  in  the  till … A wage taking TP, he has caused the collapse of the Victorian gurukula [schooling system**]…. The farm under his management has also taken a nose dive … Adelaide Temple which is also a Melbourne responsibility, has been on the brink of disaster…  A total “aham” [ego] freak, Aniruddha das would love to have his murti [sacred image] on the alter (sic)…

(Added emphasis –  SOURCE)

* Temple President ** Controversial system of education.  Court cases have sought damages for ‘interference’ to children.  See ‘Issues within the Society’ (in Wikipedia). New Vrindavan (Murwillumbah northern NSW farm) has recently been given  Government  $  for  its  school – despite its ‘child loving’ past.

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More on Louisiana Explosion

This is in reply to a Comment from John on

Thanks for the Comment.
It was weeks before the Louisiana explosion made anywhere like headlines in Australia. Australia had the bushfires – and rapid mobilisation of volunteers and emergency workers. Aren’t they worried about catastrophes outside Australian waters?? No, particularly when the oil industry is so powerful in the Australian political scene and its oil leaks, messes might be looked into. (We’re talking of huge offshore explorers like BHP, Exxon, and Woodside (34% owned by SHELL, of Southern Nigeria infamy – search ‘Ogoni People’) Some years ago, Christian leader Jim Wallis [author: God’s Politics]  visited Australia and asked “Where are the Martin Luther Kings (MLKs) today??” Well… Today’s Church leaders are politically weak as water. Steve Fielding and Fred Nile have tried to emulate MLK. The Pentecostals are too busy creating palaces.

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