The AOG takes this matter VERY seriously

The Assemblies of God (also grandly known as Australian Christian Churches) wants you to know it takes the Michael G issue very seriously.

How so??  On August 20, the AOG Executive issued a  mere 7-line statement of concern.  Crocodile tears indeed??


ACC Prez Brian Houston on Pastor Michael

  i  want  ours  to  be  churches  that  are  full  of  authentic  and  genuine people,  as  I  believe  the world  is  crying  out  for  authenticity,  people  whose  ‘yes’  is  yes  and  ‘no’  is  no.  People  who aren’t  afraid  to  stand  for  something  and  admit  they  too  face  challenges  and  struggles.

       source::   Message from Our President,

21st century faith: relevant, authentic and generation focused 

 [ Paragraph  not  yet  deleted  from  AOG/ACC  records ]

News from our Richmond AOG Spies

Richmond AOG is in Richmond in inner mELBOURNE. iT IS A MegaChurch . they see HILLSONG as Daddy and play DVDS ad nauseam in the foyer and cafe. Senior Pastor is DAVID DOERY (wife Sally).

On the weekend of 23-24 August, RAOG was preparing for the inaugural BREAKTHROUGH, a 21-day optional Fast to start September 1. David made two shock announcements to his flock. Both were speedy departures – guillotinings. As Richmond very rarely deviates from the formula, this was exciting in itself!! There was further opportunity to hear from the Senior Pastor after the main Services. 

 1     Youth Pastor David MOLYNEUX

David ‘Moly’ had been told to pack his bags. The last time people would see him would be on the Wednesday at IGNITE Youth. Only 4 days !! Unceremoniously quick exit !! The CEO told his flock that DM (wife Emily) had bought a house in Lilydale, outer Melbourne. This would be too far to travel to the office, the congregations were told. DM had been a well-liked Speaker and encourager, and had managed well a tendency to stutter. But RAOG is definitely NOT a democracy, so it doesn’t matter what the individual/group likes. Besides there’s Jesse Winchester (wife Amanda), a transfer from Hillsong, waiting in the wings. Did his sacking have anything to do with the coming shock? Love to be a fly on the wall …

2    AOG / ACC  National Youth Guru Pastor Michael GUGLIELMUCCI

Whatever you do, PROTECT THE BRANDS!  There’s no place for freedom of speech in AOG/ACC circles.  Nevertheless, we are able to point out that Michael Guglielmucci’s fingerprints are all over the incestuous AOG hemisphere.  The Senior P’s news was this: Michael had fallen out of the sky but please do remember that Michael is  <U>ONLY ONE MAN.</U>  The majority of aircraft is fine, so we don’t need to worry about the odd hiccup.  (i’m sure QANTAS is delighted RAOG rationalises its recent oxygen (O2) cylinder explosion, steep descent and useless O2 masks)  Michael had even forged medical records to maintain his elaborate hoax.  Pastor Michael kept everything hidden – even from his wife and parents.  This included a liking for Naughty Pictures, which lasted 16 years.   The man had gone back home to Adelaide for counselling.  (You think he needs counselling? What about all those who sung their hearts out to his emotional pathos/gimmickry.)  Thus spake Senior Pastor David Doery (in between international trips). Your Pastors know what’s best for you.  Now please close the bookand return to creche.


It’s all interesting of course but doesn’t say much for the freedom inside AOG walls!!!!  Austalians show a remarkeable tendency for forgiveness. Or stupidity!

 After a rap on the knuckles, we again made heroes out of radio ‘stars’ John Laws, Alan Jones (who says he’s now got cancer), Bruce Mansfield & Rex Hunt. Also cricketer/womaniser Shane Warne.  After Guglielmucci, one wonders how often famous people use the ‘Cancer’ tag for public sympathy.  Should we just accept whatever famous people say (a la Guglielmucci) or make our suspicions public???  Are Australian entertainers such as Kylie Minogue & Delta Goodrem taboo subjects???

It’s not possible to dabble in a secret world of Naughty Pics for 16 years without those who live with you knowing.  Michael should not have been appointed a Church leader of any desription while obsessed with such images.  The latest is that Michael has sent an email to Churches – gee, thanks Mate! – altering his Naughty Pics to those not involving minors.  Obviously a legally-recommended move as he was working so closely with  been dabbling in Naughty Pictures for a decade and a half.  We wouldn’t want to think he was exploiting minors at Planetshakers.   Whatever, if we believe his claims – and how can we believe anything from his distorted mind – then his parents and wife – at the very least – went along with his double life.

Also,  any naughty obsession doesn’t lessen the fact.   MICHAEL G IS one helluva fraud!!! 

Isn’t it strange that the small groups meeting mid-week at HILLSONG, RAOG and Edge are all called CONNECT GROUPS. What happened to individuality???