A Melbourne court has ordered President of Melbourne Temple to pay his victim $20,000.

Aniruddha, President of Melbourne Temple and advisor to the world Governing Board of ISKCON #  had stolen one of at least three automobiles donated by once-enthusiastic follower David K.

# International Society for Krishna Consciousness

The Melbourne Magistrates Court saw through this blatant attempt at theft.

Aniruddha (wife: Acintya Rupa) has chosen to prolong legal proceedings by appealing the decision

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48 Gurus (Sultans) of ISKON   (Source)


Australian Pentecostals sleep while Louisiana burns

  About 1 million litres  PER DAY of crude oil are belching from an American oil drilling operation gone tragicallywrong.  Eleven men out of 126 workers perished.  

  BP is the main owner (65%) of the Canyon oil well which exploded and sunk 40 miles offshore from the Louisiana coast.  The Deepwater Horizon oil rig was owned by Transocean of Switzerland. The controversial Halliburton is said to share responsibility for the disaster. 

 Many thousands of volunteers and paid workers are frantically trying to stop the huge oil flows (more than 130 miles by 70 miles) from reaching the coast and causing yet another oil company catastrophe.

 Ten wildlife refuges are being drenched with mankind’s fixation & lust for BLACK GOLD (OIL).

President Obama actually allowed oil drilling to move closer to shore.

 But back in Australia, few are concerned. The newspapers don’t give their front pages to this global disaster.

How many Churches mentioned the Louisiana tragedy on Sunday – yet alone prayed. Bet your bottom greasy dollar that NO Pentecostal Churches (eg those in the mammoth Australian Christian Churches group) bothered to mention the crisis. That organisation is only interested in it’s own increasingly fat pockets. 

Louisiana TV reporting on the CRISIS is at