ACC Prez Brian Houston on Pastor Michael

  i  want  ours  to  be  churches  that  are  full  of  authentic  and  genuine people,  as  I  believe  the world  is  crying  out  for  authenticity,  people  whose  ‘yes’  is  yes  and  ‘no’  is  no.  People  who aren’t  afraid  to  stand  for  something  and  admit  they  too  face  challenges  and  struggles.

       source::   Message from Our President,

21st century faith: relevant, authentic and generation focused 

 [ Paragraph  not  yet  deleted  from  AOG/ACC  records ]


~ PRAISE GOD, wonky super Deceiver found!!

 No,  THIS   DECEIVER //identity thief  isn’t  Michael Gugli Mucho Mucho.

 But Pastor Mikey allegedly took some SERIOUS tuition!!  We had searched for SO-O LONG!!! We thought we’d never find the master.

(Planetshakers & HILLSONG are crossing their sweaty fingers that we live in ignorance!!)

Then a search with the little known CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL led us to El Dorado.  Ecclesiastical GOLD !!  Ready?  Feed the your cat, turn off the haidryer and grab a herbal infusion. Are you ready to learn about a truly classy Christian thief??  This guy has more cheek than Brian and the AOG exec put together!!  He’s a guru among Christian conmen & conwomen.

Choose your persona and let’s go!!    ###  ###  ###  ###  ###  ###  ### 

The name we came up with is MIKE  WARNKE.  You can find some of his exploits mentioned at  John Mark Ministries.

  We’ll call the man Satanic Mark. That was the myth.  He claimed to be a High Priest of satan.

   As well as ‘leading countless people to Christ’, he was also known as a great Christian comedian!!   (Joke’s on us!)

   Satanic Mark Warnke’s global Ministry lasted nearly 20 years!!!  As with Aussie Pastor Guglielmucci, that’s alot of Church leaders with ‘$piritual amnesia’.   Mike Warnke was a GOLD MINE!!!

   He wrote best seller “The Satan Seller” and toured with evangelist Morris Cerullo.  Surely, MW was a great satanic marketer! 

   Satanic Mike toured Australia, we believe.  Does anyone remember him? Feel free to comment.

The Conman was exposed by Cornerstone Magazine which also uncovered similar lies of Lauren Willson/Stratford.    Cornerstone investigations    –>   (Mike Warnke)     (Lauren Stratford).

               Answers In Action also has the WARNKE report.

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