Don’t be a fool, PlanetshakersInsider

   Has con-man Mikey Guglielmucci, his empty-headed wife, Planetsnakers, EDGE Church, $piritual AOG/ACC Executive, incestuous AOG ‘Church-Bank, won the war?? 

  With PlanetshakersInsider accepting ‘lay down misere’ surrender terms from the ACC Executive, it appears so.

  Has he/she also fallen in love with money & travel & meeting psycophantic  ‘YES-MEN’?  (psychophantic= psychology + sycophant).

   Congrats on your $8,000 conference.  ~Pastor Michael Cancer will be very pleased!~

    It is a sad day when one of the Pentecostal thinkers (needle in a haystack) contemplates giving up criticism.  There is so much to do to expose what is a  festering and influential sore inside the Australian Church.

You are a whistleblower.  You are needed.  Your talents are not wasted.  Other thinkers – now and in future – depend on access to QUALITY  information.


Cogito, ergo sum  (I think, therefore I am|| Je pense donc je suis – Rene Descartes)


Brian Houston visits Planetshakers


BRIAN  HOUSTON heads south to face the Pentecostal music at Planetshakers City Church.  He is special guest this Sunday.

This  is  a  meeting  of  THE  two  powerful  leaders  at  the  core  of  the Guglielmucci  crisis.

 Of course Brian wouldn’t be going to any megaChuch anywhere without talking about one of his favourite subjects.   MONEY  MONEY  MONEY   MONEY.


mONEY mAN  is going to   Planetshakers KINGDOM LIFE   which is for business people and professionals to mingle, network and  make Russell, Brian and the AOG a lot richer.  Strange that!  God’s Kingdom was once for everybody.  Now it’s more an exclusive club.

 The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round … 

Can anybody report on what BH said whilst in Melbourne?

The Perfect Wife? .. see/hear/speak no evil Amanda Gugli Mucho

??? Michael or Amanda ???

??? Who is the greater liar ???

We are deeply impressed too, as is Hillsong Investigatrix Tanya Levin, at the Mafia-treatment of ever-dying Mike Guglielmucci.

The AOG executive needs an Academy Award over this one!! One would think the Firm, as Tanya calls the conspirators, planned years ago for the shock revelations, crisis PR & outpourings of pseudo-forgiveness. Indeed the sight of AOG & Hillsong CEO Brian Houston casually reacting to the ‘death’ of superstar says a great deal.

In this prime-time TV serial, Amanda plays long suffering wife Amanda.  Seven years of wedded bliss.

Long-suffering wife, along with powerful AOGer father-in-law Danny Guglielmucci, is left distraught at the unravelling of the dream run enjoyed by Michael. Michael’s character is overweight (a la fallen  superstar Todd ‘Bam Bam’ Bentley), has musical ability, and is highly capable of getting his audience to cry and/or open their purses/wallets.

Amanda is the purr-fect wife. There is so much leuve between Michael & Amanda. In fact, when our beloved songster Michael is told (via e-mail) that he has contracted Cancer from drinking Adelaide water, our purr-fect wife doesn’t even think of going to doctors and specialists with hubby. They have a special relationship – a pre-nuptual bond blessed by the A.O.G. Exec.

Is Amanda just another AOG blonde?bWill Michael return triumphantly to the stage? Will the hypnotised rabble refuse to accept they might be wrong? Is the marriage finished?  Why didn’t Amanda move back to Adelaide to support hubby in his publicised counselling sessions instead of staying with HILLSONG in Sydney? What will the Gugli Muchis do with their media payments? Will the series end ?  . . . . .

Says Tanya, ” She’s very smart. The Firm doesn’t approve of resistance.

Keep on playing the purr-fect wife, Amanda. What’s that about a 7 year itch? May the Firm be with you….

Photo & Amanda Gugli Mucho from this source

~ PRAISE GOD, wonky super Deceiver found!!

 No,  THIS   DECEIVER //identity thief  isn’t  Michael Gugli Mucho Mucho.

 But Pastor Mikey allegedly took some SERIOUS tuition!!  We had searched for SO-O LONG!!! We thought we’d never find the master.

(Planetshakers & HILLSONG are crossing their sweaty fingers that we live in ignorance!!)

Then a search with the little known CHRISTIAN RESEARCH JOURNAL led us to El Dorado.  Ecclesiastical GOLD !!  Ready?  Feed the your cat, turn off the haidryer and grab a herbal infusion. Are you ready to learn about a truly classy Christian thief??  This guy has more cheek than Brian and the AOG exec put together!!  He’s a guru among Christian conmen & conwomen.

Choose your persona and let’s go!!    ###  ###  ###  ###  ###  ###  ### 

The name we came up with is MIKE  WARNKE.  You can find some of his exploits mentioned at  John Mark Ministries.

  We’ll call the man Satanic Mark. That was the myth.  He claimed to be a High Priest of satan.

   As well as ‘leading countless people to Christ’, he was also known as a great Christian comedian!!   (Joke’s on us!)

   Satanic Mark Warnke’s global Ministry lasted nearly 20 years!!!  As with Aussie Pastor Guglielmucci, that’s alot of Church leaders with ‘$piritual amnesia’.   Mike Warnke was a GOLD MINE!!!

   He wrote best seller “The Satan Seller” and toured with evangelist Morris Cerullo.  Surely, MW was a great satanic marketer! 

   Satanic Mike toured Australia, we believe.  Does anyone remember him? Feel free to comment.

The Conman was exposed by Cornerstone Magazine which also uncovered similar lies of Lauren Willson/Stratford.    Cornerstone investigations    –>   (Mike Warnke)     (Lauren Stratford).

               Answers In Action also has the WARNKE report.

       For some more info on evengelists,  click here or here.

       For information on false memory, ritual abuse, & “Michelle Remembers”,  click here.


The HAILSONG SONG FACTORY, in collusion with Planetsnakers, is looking for the next Mikey Guglielmucci (now on sick leave).

We are having a SONG CONTEST!!!  FUN!!  FUN!!  FUN! As AOG youth leaders – trust ’em! – always say,It’ll be awesome.”

Right. We need alternatives to the words to HEALER (now disfellowshipped). We need any creative input into the fiasco.

We need to show that we have even more imagination than Pastor Michael Gugli Mucho.

This is <U>your</U> chance to outshine Australian Idol/Paradise AOG-crooner Guy Sebastian. OK, that mightn’t be hard! You can be HAILSONG’S next Youth guru. But let’s recall those Lyrics blasting the AOG universe and see Conman Mike at his best.


THE ENTRIES ==>> HILLSONG’S MEMORY HOLE (a video commentary)




This entry is from Brianna Boston of newly named suburb Balkam Hillsong:

Wheeler Dealer

You stage my every moment
I have so much disease
I am the Greatest Liar
To walk on HILLSONG seas

O Brian     [with Passion]
I trust in you
I trust in you

I believe
My Wheeler Dealer
I believe
You are all I need
I believe
You’re my fortune
I believe
You’re never enough for me
Hillsong, you’re all i need

Nothing is impossible for me
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible for me
I’ll surely prosper in your hands

Joel HOUSTON reveals …

from an interview with Christianity Today (June 2007)

[United is the youth division of the HILLSONG Inc]

[Joel is Creative Director of HILLSONG as well as son and heir]


So being at the top of the charts isn’t your thing.

Houston: The desire is to reach as many people as we can, so that’s probably demonstrated when more people buy the albums. But that’s not the business of what we’re doing. What we’re doing is reaching as many people as we can with the message that we have.


United has struck a chord with young people, in part because of its euphoric live shows and powerful moments of praise. How do you make sure the rock show aspect doesn’t overshadow the worshipful context?

Houston: For us, it’s being true yourself. The idea is that the Holy Spirit does his job, and as long as we are in the right place, people see that. A lot of people have come to our shows with criticisms, but walk away with a different perspective—through the journey of the night they notice the difference. Occasionally, you’ll find an audience where you feel like their attention is on everything that’s happening on stage. Especially in South America—it’s a pretty wild culture, more so than in the States. But by the fourth or fifth songs, we tell them, “Alright guys, this is why we’re here.”

A lot of times the Holy Spirit does that job for us. But [the key] is just getting in that place yourself. Sometimes people try to put layers on—like they’re trying to appear to be spiritual or whatever. But for us it’s like, “Take the layers off. Let people see us truly worshiping.” Because by being transparent, people can see God in us. That’s the whole mentality.

Houston demonstrating some of the “bigger initiatives” for United during a missions trip at an orphanage in Rwanda.

With so many adoring fans of United’s work, is there ever a temptation for you to become the focus of worship?

Houston: There’s always that temptation, for sure. Human nature is self-centered. You see it all the time in the Christian music industry—people get caught up in themselves. It’s a big tool of the enemy. But we have an incredible support network. We’re all really honest with our guys and we do a lot with each other. I think what’s really great for us is that the momentum for how big this has become, is so much bigger than any one of us individually. As long as people bring what they have—the sum of their parts multiplied by the grace of God—then it’s a really humbling opportunity.

Your calling is to write songs that the church can sing. But your new album All of the Above is more mission focused than congregational in writing style. Why?

Houston: My revelation of worship is outwards. If we’re truly a worship band, I feel that we need to communicate both: we need to write songs that glorify God lyrically, but also write songs that glorify God in the way we live our lives. People talk about this worship revolution that’s occurred over the last ten years focusing only on worshiping God in song. Coming out of that season, I think the testimony is that we’ll be judged by how the church lived as far as becoming the hands and feet of Jesus and helping those in need. That’s a revelation that’s been real strong for our church. What we do in song is a reflection of where experiencing at home.

Tell me about the “I Heart Revolution.”

Houston: It’s about creating a global snapshot of culture and people living real lives—different circumstances, different backgrounds, yet living for the same God, the same cause. The whole idea is to motivate the local church at getting good at what I was just talking about: loving God in song and with our lives, but also living it out by reaching our community. The whole concept is, if young people in Australia get fired up about worship and reaching their community, and if young people in South America do the same, if that happens all over the place, then the worldwide church together can pursue bigger initiatives.

What sort of bigger initiatives?

Houston: The whole message is really about turning our back on individualism and not living self-focused lives. We’re looking at how that’s relevant to every context and every culture. How worship and justice relate to kids in South America, or how worship and justice relate to kids here in the United States. The movement aspect of it is putting together resources for local churches and young people to do things that are really simple, yet really big. In a nutshell, it’s helping people that need to be helped—local focus, global impact.