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19 Sep 08   by  Group   Sects

Yay, my (Lie) Detector was working

Lance writes….

It turns out Michael Guglielmucci was the Youth Pastor at the Lakes group sect Christian Life Centre in Perth from 1999 to 2003, before going on to bigger and better lies.

I think it’s worth regurgitating this observation I made on the (original) Signposts blog from January 19, 2007.

I did a ‘cub report’ a few weeks back on my visit to the Planetshakers church in particular it was a Wednesday night meeting of Lakes CLC in Northbridge.

The young people went out of their way to make an old fart like me feel welcome.

However they were being force-fed a lot of shit from the youth pastor [Matt Garner – Michael Guglielmucci’s successor] about how good it would be to be rich and the importance of being ‘awesome’…..the usual crap from these churches.

Great young people slowly being corrupted….. is my take on Planetshakers.

And it’s run by a generation of young leaders who were themselves corrupted in the 80’s and 90’s.

So the corrupt culture of false teaching is pretty firmly entrenched.

One of the icky things about Planetshakers at the the pressure on one of their leaders to ‘be an example of being awesome’ while they’re dealing with cancer.

I haven’t posted much about it, but I’m watching with interest how the church culture deals with something that’s ‘like, wow, hard, man’….”


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