The AOG takes this matter VERY seriously

The Assemblies of God (also grandly known as Australian Christian Churches) wants you to know it takes the Michael G issue very seriously.

How so??  On August 20, the AOG Executive issued a  mere 7-line statement of concern.  Crocodile tears indeed??


Musician Mikeymo muses as fellow Mike flees

Mikeymo is from Gospel Light Community Church, Bridgeport. Full Text Here

Saturday, September 13, 2008 Saturday Musings

I’ve been looking over the stats. By far, the post that has drawn the most attention on this blog is the one about Sonseed, and their campy 80’s ska worship song, “Jesus is a Friend of Mine.” Not only does that post have the most hits here, but it’s burning up my Youtube channel. There are videos I’ve had there for months (exclusive content!) that have thirty, forty views. I put that vid up and it’s at 1800 in a week, and it must be on a million channels on Youtube. Crazy.

The next most popular posts are all about Michael Guglielmucci. Well, I guess that was big news in my circles. Some news outlets in Australia are reporting that Hillsong is recalling the This is Our God DVD to replace it with a version that does not feature Guglielmucci talking about his cancer. No word on whether or not they plan on pulling the CD and removing Healer. I hope not.

Sunday, August 31, 2008 Setlist Sunday – Aug 31

What a great service! I don’t know what it was, but we had ourselves one mighty fine time at worship this morning. To be honest, the setlist didn’t thrill me when I got it, but wow, did it flow and get people moving.

Open the Eyes of my Heart (Baloche) -welcome song.
Eres Todopoderoso (Salinas)
I’m Yours (Buchanan/Johnson)
Your Grace is Enough (Maher)
Draw Me Close to You (Carpenter)
Healer (Guglielmucci)

(Greed’s emphasis)
We don’t usually start out this high energy, but somehow it worked out that way today. Elyano, our main drummer, hasn’t been playing a lot this summer, and I think he had a lot of pent up energy! He was hitting rolls and fills I haven’t heard him hit in a long time. For those who don’t know Eres Todopoderoso, it a great high-energy Spanish praise song, popularized by Danilo Montero.

We haven’t done I’m Yours in months. Certainly not since I got my Bad Monkey! That’s one of those songs people either get or they don’t. Everyone seemed to get it today. Nothing wrong with a little head-banging, as long as everyone is getting into it, right? Our version of Your Grace is Enough is also pretty high-energy, so by the time we got through those three songs, everyone was jumping and clapping and really getting into worship.

Sometimes that’s the best time to take it down a notch and channel that energy into some real worship time, and that’s just what we did. Draw Me Close to You is such a great song. We continued the theme of reliance on God with Healer. We’d done this for the first time at our revivals last week, but this was the first time for a Sunday service. Seemed to fit in perfectly. The two choruses – “You’re all I want… you’re all I ever needed…” into “I believe that you’re my Healer… I believe that you are all I need…” I love it when a plan comes together.

Check out what other churches are doing at Fred’s Setlist Carnival.

Fred McKinnon asked the question yesterday: Where are we, one week later?

Yesterday I posted that Michael Guglielmucci had given an interview to Australian news magazine todaytonight regarding his startling revelation that he was lying about his terminal cancer, that he had never been sick. This revelation put quite a tarnish on the wonderful song Healer, which was released by Planetshakers in 2007, and Hillsong this month.

So, where are we in all this? I was pleased to see in the Setlist Sunday that this blog participates in that there are people still doing Healer in worship services. In fact, we did it at Sunday night’s revival meeting. There is no reason not to. After all, David was a fallen man, a murderer and an adulterer. We still sing psalms, as I recall, and no one is suggesting we don’t. John Newton was a slave master, and a servant of a slave trader before his conversion, but no one is pulling Amazing Grace out of hymnals. Beethoven was possibly an atheist, and reportedly never set foot in a church as an adult, yet his liturgical music is still being played in churches around the world a hundred and eighty years after his death.

I daresay that none of us with the temerity to get up on an altar, stage or pulpit every Sunday is without flaw. Some of us write songs, others sermons, others books, some all three. Perhaps we are not the notorious sinner that Michael is now, but that notoriety will fade over time. As Fred (correctly) points out, none of us deserve anything other than hell and damnation. When I look at the news stories, I might say “There, but for the Grace of God, go I.”


Wednesday, August 27, 2008 Michael Guglielmucci Speaks Out

“Healer” composer Michael Guglielmucci has done a public interview on Austrailian television. I won’t comment just yet. You can see what he has to say for yourself.

Here is the link in case embedding gets disabled.

Brian Houston visits Planetshakers


BRIAN  HOUSTON heads south to face the Pentecostal music at Planetshakers City Church.  He is special guest this Sunday.

This  is  a  meeting  of  THE  two  powerful  leaders  at  the  core  of  the Guglielmucci  crisis.

 Of course Brian wouldn’t be going to any megaChuch anywhere without talking about one of his favourite subjects.   MONEY  MONEY  MONEY   MONEY.


mONEY mAN  is going to   Planetshakers KINGDOM LIFE   which is for business people and professionals to mingle, network and  make Russell, Brian and the AOG a lot richer.  Strange that!  God’s Kingdom was once for everybody.  Now it’s more an exclusive club.

 The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round … 

Can anybody report on what BH said whilst in Melbourne?


The HAILSONG SONG FACTORY, in collusion with Planetsnakers, is looking for the next Mikey Guglielmucci (now on sick leave).

We are having a SONG CONTEST!!!  FUN!!  FUN!!  FUN! As AOG youth leaders – trust ’em! – always say,It’ll be awesome.”

Right. We need alternatives to the words to HEALER (now disfellowshipped). We need any creative input into the fiasco.

We need to show that we have even more imagination than Pastor Michael Gugli Mucho.

This is <U>your</U> chance to outshine Australian Idol/Paradise AOG-crooner Guy Sebastian. OK, that mightn’t be hard! You can be HAILSONG’S next Youth guru. But let’s recall those Lyrics blasting the AOG universe and see Conman Mike at his best.


THE ENTRIES ==>> HILLSONG’S MEMORY HOLE (a video commentary)




This entry is from Brianna Boston of newly named suburb Balkam Hillsong:

Wheeler Dealer

You stage my every moment
I have so much disease
I am the Greatest Liar
To walk on HILLSONG seas

O Brian     [with Passion]
I trust in you
I trust in you

I believe
My Wheeler Dealer
I believe
You are all I need
I believe
You’re my fortune
I believe
You’re never enough for me
Hillsong, you’re all i need

Nothing is impossible for me
Nothing is impossible
Nothing is impossible for me
I’ll surely prosper in your hands